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Good Evening BAMA Members, Invited Guests, Families and Friends

I am very honored and proud to serve as incoming President of Burmese American Medical Association for this year.

First, I would like to thank, all of our current members from near and far, new members, invited guests, supporters, entertainment crews and volunteers for coming to join us tonight to celebrate this occasion. Also thank you for your contribution and participation in all our BAMA activities. I would like to ask for continuous support from all of you because I am certain that BAMA will not function the same without any one of you.

Second, I also would like to thank outgoing President Dr. Sandar Kyi, all BODs and all the ECs members, sub-committee members and their families for their tremendous dedication to our association.

As incoming President, my missions for BAMA are;

1. To recruit new members for our organization to grow and be inclusive of our incoming generations of doctors and healthcare professionals.

2. To emphasize social networking among other medical associations in the US as well as in Myanmar, also among our Myanmar communities by participation in community health fairs and engagement in community outreach projects. That is why BAMA formed one new sub-committee this year for public affairs to extend our community activities.

3. To support educational activities by helping new graduates from Myanmar by conducting residency seminars, mock interviews, and sharing crucial information towards residency program in the United States. In addition, we plan to support medical education to medical universities in Myanmar by donating textbook and educational aids.

4. To provide volunteer health care services to rural communities and disaster events in Myanmar coordination with local agencies.

All the above missions will not be successful without all of your participation.

I would like to convey the message to all our members, families and friends, not only to join the association but to also contribute your expertise and engage in all our activities. You all are welcome to contact me personally or the board anytime to provide suggestions and comments to improve our association.

I hope that BAMA will shine even brighter in the future.

Thank you all for joining and supporting BAMA and wish all of you a very happy, healthy and prosperous Myanmar New Year.

Ohnma Win, M.D

Burmese American Medical Association of Southern California




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